one lap

1970 Porsche 914/6

The 914/6 is no doubt an ugly duckling at the moment. I purchased it in SoCal in Jan 2006 sight unseen (though I did have a PPI). The shop was doing some work to it before I shipped it back east when I learned there was a trade show that January a few miles down the road. Also turned out that there was a PCA Time Trial event at Willow SPrings the weekend after that the shop guys were taking their Spec Boxster too! They generously offered to trailer it up with them and have me tag along. New car & new track - what could be more fun right?

EFI conversion

1983 Porsche 911

I picked up the 911SC from the Washington DC area back in 1995. It spent the first 6-7 years of its ownership introducing me to autocrossing and track events. I had worked my way up to the advanced group DE in NASA when a longtime leaky #4 intake guide finally guilted me into rebuilding the motor. After the last Summit Point event in Dec 2001 I removed the motor for a big project. Well, right after the engine came out and apart we decided to buy a house. Houses purchases and rebuilding expensive porsche engines don't mix. The project came to a complete standstill and had to eventually be moved to the new house in MANY boxes. Jennifer remarked that for such a little car to drive itself into the garage why did it take an entire moving truck to move all the parts that came out of it? She didn't notice that I had accumulated enough upgrade parts to build almost another car. After a few years of getting the new house settled, the project finally resumed. Work was fast and not soon after I got it back on the road I decided to do a widebody conversion. After doing all the work myself including paint, it sits waiting to be reassembled. Im ashamed to admit it hasn't moved under its own power in ~5 years and I haven't touched it it ~2. Too many other projects and cars came into the mix but I've started to rectify that situation. I know I've sid it for years, but the 911 will run agin soon.

1990 BMW 325i SpecE30 (#330)

The car I love to hate;)

1995 Yamaha FZR600

Original owner. Very bright yellow. Doens't get ridden NEARLY as much here in DC as back in Blacksburg.

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